Saturday, October 13, 2012

One of my heroes-Ruby Wax

Watched this in bed last night.

I have been concentrating on my other Blog-an unexpected hug for Blogtoberfest but somehow this didn't fit on there (I have noticed I mention bipolar on my craft blog and the numbers go down...ho hum)

I love Ruby Wax and her passion and her honesty. I remember watching her on Celebrity Fame Academy and going 'yep that's me' as she bounced off the ceiling!

Oh and I LOVE her jacket :-)

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Jo H. said...

I love Ruby Wax too, and though am not bipolar do struggle with PMDD. I'm at work so haven't watched the clip but just wanted to comment to say how crap it is about the dip in readers if you mention bipolar on your other blog. Especially as so many of us craft to keep ourselves more or less sane!