Friday, March 27, 2009

Been Down

Hey peeps,

Been very down for the last three weeks. It all began with a glass of wine and a comment. It wasn't a particularly upsetting comment. I pointed out that the only thing I expect my OH to do is empty the bins once a week and how annoying it is to have to remind him EVERY WEEK! A discussion ensued about expectations and sure enough, it got a bit heated. Luckily we were at a friend's house so it didn't come to blows.

Fast forward three days. The alcohol affected my brain chemistry as it used to. Major down occurred, at the same time as the sudden lack of communication between husband and wife. This lasted about two weeks, interrupted by other arguments about who should take responsibility for certain jobs when at home. Is it possible for a person working at home to take half an hour off so they can pick up kids whilst the other person is attending a meeting abut IT at the school she'd like to work in? Possibly not! I hear the meeting was a good one!

I am still low and now in pain from my stress response tummy ache, which will pass if I remember to breathe. My sewing is going well. Indeed the flickr group I belong to has had some very positive posts! You can find my pictures here and take a look at the groups too. They are here, here, here and here. ( Or they will be when I can get the links to work- ah the joys of NZ broadband!)

I am running a 10k tomorrow. I seem to have forgotten to train...Ah well, a nice walk!!!

T ball awaits