Sunday, June 17, 2007

And another blogthing...

You Are Best Described By...

From the Lake, No. 1
by Georgia O'Keeffe

So not quite a year later!

I was sitting watching Doctor Who, on children's orders, when the Doctor tells his assistants to stop 'blogging'! How coincidental is that?

I have just read back my past posts and find myself wondering why it was at those times that I sought to write down, and publish, those thoughts, feelings and experiences. Why not other times, other times I can remember so vividly yet have not adequately reflected upon and why did it suddenly become unimportant?

Motivation, for many things in my life, is like a tide, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes energy surges and everything is possible, and then at other times there are not enough hours to do anything, so why bother? Hmm!

As for tonight, too many thoughts, too much 'sun', not enough dinner and two Masters.