Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Suggestions!

Resolutions are such hard things to keep that this year I'm aiming for suggestions on how I'm going to live my life better! This could be a long list; I think I may be slightly manic at the moment, certainly tense so I have lots of ideas running round my head.

1. Eat more healthily ( but will this begin before or after we eat all the chocolate and biscuits my mother has filled our house with this Xmas?). I go to weightwatchers and when I follow the plan it does work but my head gives in to chocolate...something to do with endorphins I guess. Exercise has the same effect so...item two is...
2. Exercise regularly. I would like to actually train for some of the runs I have coming up. I have a gym membership too so I have few excuses apart from a slight lack of motivation.
3. Finish my calligraphy course.
4. Learn a new skill. Musical, website design, podcasting or another.
5.Take my medication regularly. As a certified manic depressive it is rather important that I remember my meds. They are one of the few things that keep me stable, especially when my triggers are pressuring me.
6. Go back to America to visit some really good friends.
7. To be continued.