Sunday, June 04, 2006





The Eden Project

Happy Holidays

What a fabulous week! We've just come back from a glorious week in Cornwall, staying in a house two minutes from the beach and three minutes from 'Planet Ice', an addictive ice cream and coffee shop.

It was an interesting group of people. I wasn't sure it was going to work but we all had a good time. There were Paul and Roselle and their lovely kids, Frankie and Ciaran, Gordon and Heather and theirs, Laura(7) and Oliver (5) and the four of us. Finally Al came over to be our token singleton.

Frankie and Ciaran were only little so spent their time with their mum mostly, but the other kids got on really well, even Caitlin and Laura who were very similar personalities.

The weather was superb, two days of blustery wind and then SUNSHINE, SUNSHINE, SUNSHINE. The kids spent so long in the sea we had to get them wetsuits. In fact Roo only burnt on his hands and feet so he looks as though he has pink gloves and socks on. Needless to say I felt very guilty about the sunburn both on him and on Caitlin. Why don't fathers have such guilt trips?

We had a lovely day at the Eden project too. It was just the most amazing place, almost spiritual in its atmosphere

It's strange to be back with uni friends now we are growed ups. Especially seeing how people are with their children. We seem to come across as quite laid back parents. We praise our kids and hug them. They may be sensitive kids but they care about each other and share so well. Caitlin was 'a natural' at everything mostly cricket and bodyboarding. But are we doing it right? We did seem to be the least stressed!

I was amazed by the amount of alcohol and chocolate we got through. I did the recycling at the end of the week and there were so many cans. I made a conscious decision that I would allow myself to drink some. I only got 'drunk' on one night ( our night out with Paul and Roselle). It was very funny, I talked drivel but I didn't care. Seeing four o'clock in the morning was entertaining...going for a run at 8 was too. I had to mask the palpitations somehow!!!

Al had a hard time. She'd been involved in a car accident on her way down ( hitting a 90 year old who stepped out in front of her). She made it down on Monday night but was obviously very shaken and taking it very hard. It was the first time I'd been aware of how intense she can be especially when she's drunk. Shecould havedone with a longer chat with Ant but the others, mostly Paul seemed to take over. Who's the professional here?

Overall a brilliant week. I felt very relaxed and incontrol of me. I was aware I didn't make as much of an effort with the cooking, but I can do a mean washing up!

And it only took us 5 1/2 hours to get home! Excellent!