Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Drums aren't coming!!!

Spent the day in Blackpool. It started weird and got worse. Anton suggested we visit the Dr Who exhibition but when we got there he announced he thought it was the one based on the new series, rather than the older Doctors. The kids and I have already been to Manchester to the new one ( and need to return sometime for the newer creatures)

So he started disappointed. The exhibition was actually rather good; I loved the Dr costumes, especially the scarf, and there are some regeneration videos which sparked many memories. So did Bessie!

He then announced he really wasn't feeling well. So just like normal then!

After lunch however he insisted on dragging us to the Pleasure beach. I really didn't see the point. Caitlin hates rides. Reuben loves them but is too small for the big ones and Ant wasn't feeling up to going on one. I love them now ( adrenalin kick) but it's difficult with kids etc in tow. He gave the kids a choice of rides...Roo chose a Mario Racing amusement game and C went on a very long winded car 'driving' ride at half a mile an hour. Boy did I need caffeine!

Got back to the car to find a parking ticket. My fault for misreading the time on it but this led to three hours of silence and drumming. There is no such thing as quiet in this house. The incessant irish drumming really hits a nerve, but mention it and he carries on louder!

I'm trying to concentrate on writing reports (due in on Tuesday) but it's impossible. I need an absence of stimulation for the juices to flow. I'd like to sit in Costas all day tomorrow, laptop in hand, but I have been told we are filling in the BIG APPLICATION FORM!!!

I've already spent nearly a whole day correcting his mistakes on the original application. I kinda feel unimportant unless I'm pushing paper for him. I'm facing a very emotional two weeks at work and he can't see why. He will just argue that it's my head talking again. Maybe it is but it's still a valid feeling.

Hmm! I have this feeling that this has become a rambling rant. Not sure that is a good idea! Probably the wrong time of the month to be posting! Might explain my very odd thoughts of late...or a distinct lack of caffeine ( see above).

Feeling rather lost, underwhelmed, unappreciated and unsupported