Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Marathon madness (reposted from Unepxected hug Blog)

I have had a busy month and no time to venture on to the blog- or at least venture away from Facebook long enough to post.

I went back to the UK for the first time in nearly three years, to visit my mom and dad. He is 90 with Alzheimers and she is caring for him, at home, though now with the help of carers who come in four times a day. It was a relief to see mom looking so well, and to see dad so peaceful, dozing in his chair. It was very difficult to leave them, knowing I will probably not see him again, but I was reassured that my dad was in there somewhere, when he smiled at me, and that I could say 'goodbye' this time!

I met up with a few friends too, went to see 'Polar Bears' by Mark Haddon at the Donmar Warehouse ( which was excellent- to my bipolar brain anyway), stayed up for the UK elections and ran around the streets of Oxford and Kendal in preparation for my marathon. It felt good to be running up old familiar hills with such ease. The dam hill near us is good for something then!!!! I even ran into Oxford at 6am on May morning, for old times sake. Managed to miss the singing but sat drinking coffee on Merton Street watching the crowds, thinking how nothing had changed since the mid 1980's when I was a student there.

Gate to Christchurch meadow on May morning

Had a lovely day at the Royal Oak market, when I got back. Shared a table with Revive, beautiful handmade cards, made from vintage wall paper, and sat next to, and chatted with Alan Coates ( kiwialan). He is such a mine of information and lovely anecdotes. The time flew by. For me, the fair was a good one- after all I never expect to make much money, and I was able to treat myself to a new t shirt from cctees and a typewriter key pendant from Alan, so all is good.

My next adventure ( and the reason why I have had less time to do anything really) is the Christchurch Marathon. It is on June 6th, less than a fortnight away. I am hoping to raise money for two very important charities- The Alzheimers' Society in the UK  ( for obvious reasons) and the West Auckland Hospice in NZ ( who looked after my lovely friend Sian who lost her battle with cancer at the beginning of this year).

If you happen upon this blog, or are a regular visitor, please consider making a donation to either of these good causes by clicking on the links

Alzheimers Society

West Auckland Hospice

and think of me at 9am (NZ time) on the morning of June 6th. Actually 12pm would be a better time to be thinking of me. That's when I shall really need the support!!!!