Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 in 8 days

Half marathons that is.

Did the Onehunga half, which is flat and lovely, if a little windy. The awesome Hayley Lowe ran with me, just like last time, but she had already run 6 km that morning as she is training for the Auckland Marathon. She spent much of the run trying to convince me to join her and for a while the endorphins convinced me it was a good idea. But then on Monday morning, normal service was resumed and my sore ankle suggested it was not a good idea!

All is well now. The swelling has gone down and the entry has gone in for the Waitakere Half next  month with the possibility of trying to find an entry into the Auckland HALF on Trademe if all goes well. It would be awesome to run over the Harbour Bridge!

We did run a little faster than last week, just-2.25:18. I felt we were closer to 2.20 but hey!

I recommend those cold baths. Sat in one for 5 minutes after the run and, apart from the ankle, all the joints and muscles are feeling great.

Been feeling good lately. Possibly this is because of the running, possibly because of spending time with Hayley, who is so cool and funny and almost as mad as I am, possibly because of the sense of achievement or possibly because I have been able to eat cake as a result of this running :-)