Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Still down and getting anxious

By rights I should be OK today. Lots of exercise yesterday and lots of fresh air, no aches and pains and the kids back at school tomorrow.

Trouble is, I can't have any time to myself, bar this short interlude. We have friends visiting for a couple of days, which have put the kibosh on my planning or going to school to get everything sorted out. I wouldn't mind but they just seem hyper critical of everything we do. Our house is too messy (we have kids they don't). They take amazing holidays ( above applies)., Our pets are smelly ( good point but I still love my rats and they are better behaved than the cats who can't decide where their litter tray is)

I'm becoming more tense by the minute. The children are whining, Roo thinks Caitlin is getting all the attention, but in reality she is just showing off more than he is. He didn't have lunch and then moaned about being hungry but wouldn't eat a banana so it really meant he wanted chocolate or yoghurt. Then I asked him to get his Karate outfit so that Icould iron it only to find it covered in dirt and dried on red sweets. Hopefully a quick wash cycle will be just that!


we have an INSET tomorrow on First Aid which I really want to skip. I don't really see why we need this training. We have a matron on the site and a couple of very well trained nursery nurses. If anything happens you dial 999 or risk getting sued if something goes wrong. Nuff said.

I think I'll email the Head and suggest that my change in meds is having some odd side effects and that I need to see my psych in the morning...That'll give me an excuse any way and he can't question it!

Now I have to hope dinner cooks in time as we have Karate to get to and Ant has to work... I could do with playing tennis but it looks like it will be too hard to organise. Ah well my life comes fourth I suppose!