Monday, August 06, 2012

Sleep? What's that?

I went back to see my new psychologist this week. So far so good it seems. The epilim is agreeing with me, I don't appear to have any side effects ( at least none I have noticed) and my head is clearer. My blood tests tell me I am completely normal-Yeah right!!!! About the only bit of me that is normal!!!

He asked me if I was sleeping alright. Interesting question I said. I fall asleep really fast when I go to bed but since I have been seeing him we have had Wimbledon and now the Olympics. As a sports fan how does he expect me to develop great sleeping patterns???

I did stay up all night to watch Andy Murray play the Wimbledon final (remember I am in New Zealand) and frequently this week bed time has been after midnight. Last night was my worst. I had a sewing project to finish for a swap and was so close I couldn't stop. Then the women's marathon was on, then the women's boxing and of course then Andy Murray was playing Federer in the tennis final. It wasn't shown here but with Twitter and Facebook I could read about every stroke. I think I gave up at about 2am, sewing project finished, and curled up on the sofa.

How can I go to sleep early? I might miss something and I can always do other things when I am watching the sport! Only another week to go I guess and then I can try to get into better habits.

Didn't stop me running ten kilometres this morning and getting some work done. Maybe feeling guilty for being so self indulgent last night.

Worth losing sleep over!

May be I'll have a nap now :-)