Monday, September 10, 2012

I did too much

Will I never learn?

We used to say that my dad had done too much when he had one of his not so good days. 9 times out of 10 he would have done too much the previous day, used too much energy, stayed up too late, done everything he could find to do.

Guess what I did yesterday. Got up (well that's not a great start for a Sunday), ran/jogged the Titirangi 10k route in preparation for next week's Lydiard half, did a bit of food shopping, made dinner (venison ragout in the crock pot), had lunch whilst helping child one revise for exams and child two find solutions to why he couldn't play/load World of Warcraft on his dad's old mac. I flipped out a bit then but thought that was just coz I was hungry.

Then I did laundry and laundry and laundry.

Then I decided I needed to get an embroidery swap piece out of the way so I sketched, transferred and stitched, then I blogged about it. All the time this was happening, tea was being made, son was being asked to do chores, daughter was being kept happy and calm and husband was being ignored as he was being no help what so ever. I asked him to peel the potatoes and he disappeared!!!

I ended up going to bed about midnight, having sorted more laundry and having tried to get the kids' uniforms dry for the following day.

I should have known!

I got up today and can hardly move-not from the exercise just from sheer lethargy. I had to get up as I had promised exam girl a decent 'cooked' breakfast. Unfortunately in order to do that I had to wash up the cooking pots that were left unwashed last night. I so need there to be a rule in  my house that the cook doesn't need to clean up afterwards. That actually might make the others in this house cook more!!!!

Hubby got a bit miffed when he asked if I wanted to run with him and I said no! Guilt trip!!!! Thankfully he was rung up for an extra's role so buggered off anyway so I could go and drink coffee and read the paper.

I was however so stressed about today's exam that I ended up cleaning out my daughter's swamp. I can finally see the floor and that weird smell has gone. What is it about teenagers??

So now I am tired. The exam allegedly did not go well so I am trying to support an emotional child whilst not biting hubby's head off. Sadly I can't help with her maths but...I can tidy her room and provide food :-) I am a good mom.

I am off to see my psych on Thursday so will have plenty to tell him, if I survive the next exam...
My little swap piece