Sunday, August 19, 2012

Very very not good

So am I depressed because I am not running? Or am I not running because I am depressed?
What I do know is I haven't run for a week, I have eaten far too much chocolate and I have been very very tired. I feel like this week has been full on, well it has.

Everyone has had something on: Mathex (twice), school trip to the Botanic gardens (which included a gashed leg and an ambulance-though not my child), physio appointment for the broken finger, tennis lessons, netball supporting, ferrying here, there and everywhere,parents' meetings and a meeting with Caitlin's 'advisor' who has her schooling sorted out for the next three years!!!.

On top of this of course were my morning class and work , oh and I decided I needed to sort out my sewing room as I couldn't see the floor,and the Laingholm Quiz night including superhero costume.

How do people do it? How do you have a full time job and still have time to feed people, look after the house and do all the things listed up there?

Something has to give and this week it appears to have been my head. I have been low but keeping going. I did manage to cancel a run (though probably would have benefitted from it) and have a lie in this morning but after cleaning the kitchen and sorting out sick kid and worrying about school kid I had nothing left.

I spotted on the paper that there was an ice hockey match on (West Auckland Admirals and Southern Stampede) at the local rink and having not been for about 20 years I decided to take the boy. It was so good to be out, away from the stresses of running a house, especially a messy and slightly less than clean one. A fast sport and violent too!!!

So now an early night to try to recoup some energy and then start again tomorrow. Need to do some exercise and remind myself I am supposed to be on a health kick and it has been working and needs to continue. Just hoping I can have the house to myself just once this week. Hubby working from home does not help the head!!!