Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Calm descends???

Iam finally taking no Depakote, only citalopram and lamotrigine. I've noticed that my appetite has changed. I'm still eating badly...too much chocolate, but at least not as much of it. I'm having real trouble eating healthily. Not surewhat that is about. I figure it's probably stress. The governorsstill haven't informed us who the new head is going to be, but since our least favourite candidate was called back, the witches are not hopeful. We really do cackle like the three witches when we get started. ~Hubble, bubble, toil and especially trouble-

My hair is looking interesting. Lots of layers of different colours. It looks great when it's straight but I'm not so convinced it'll look as good curly. Oh for straight hair!
I've found I'm thinking fairly straight too of late. Apart from the obvious upset of last week with that horrid little man, I've been very centred. I'm proud of my assembly on emails, with all its hyperlinks. The children were really engaged, learned something and laughed a lot. Can't be bad!

I've also solved the problem of having no email accounts for our classes. Only took two days. I have been rather useful in school from an ICT sense. I've led the staff meeting on updating the IT policy, shown off our new software, as well as troubleshooting one of the candidate's presentations, although not well enough that her hyperlinks worked. ~She should have been better prepared. I had warned the Governors that there might be aproblem. Maybe they will listen to me sometimes now.

That said one of the governors did ask my opinion. He is the most personable of the bunch but it was weird since the Head of theSenior School was standing with him. I think I made my points soundly enough. I could justify everything I said and the nice Gov. agreed with me on one of the candidates having no prescence...or eye contact.

We are waiting with bated breath to find out the result. Boy are we hoping!

It makes a change for me to post on a day when I'm feeling alright. I think I'm compensating for the very disturbed night I had (roo's earache) by trying to achieve something. I have ironed, cleaned out the 'boys', updated the blog, put two loads of washing on and done quite a reasonable amount of sewing whilst the children were at karate.