Monday, May 22, 2006


What a day!

First I had to go to the dentists with the kids. I was OK, just needed a clean. Roo has lost one tooth but the others are taking their time to come out. They are obviously as laid back as he is. Caitlin is another issue. She has very crooked and cramped teeth and had to have a filling. She cried a lot about that as she had to have an injection which left her lips numb for three hours. She may need a brace when she is older too unless her teeth correct themselves. She's already worrying about it, but at least Anton can reassur her. He had a brace, whereas my teeth just went into place as I got older.

Then I had to go to the doctors to have my coil replaced. Oh my god it was painful! The doctor was cool and very efficient and the nurse was amazing, really supportive, and kept me distracted. I now have rather severe stomach cramps which I am not used to.

So then school, well after Asda's anyway. We were asked to tidy the communal areas.I said I already had a communal area and had put rather a lot of effort into it! I then took it upon myself to ask about next year. Well I have to know. I managed to force Neil to listen to us but he's so non commital! Hopefully both Jayne and I can finda satisfactory solution for next year.

Next issue, how often is normal for sex? How about never? I have so many inhibitions, not least of which is my weight, and so does Anton.Now I don't drink it's even worse. He queried it today, as I had put myself through so much agony for contraception. What can I say? where's the porn channel????