Saturday, January 24, 2009


Anton seems to be improving. He is happier and more relaxed in himself, is talking again about business ideas and is hardly talking to me apart from to complain that I buy too many coffees- inspite of the fact I went out for coffee once this week, with Marion from WW and spent a whole $6.50.

We went to the Sea food festival in Auckland yesterday because the kids were with Donna and we had to take the heart monitor back. Lots of mussels, oysters ( for the first time), champagne, salmon, clams. A cool event though I thought a bit expensive. Some decent music too. Heard a band called the Manukau project or something, very moroccan influenced! Must look them up online. Bet they are on myspace.

Ant was happy to spend nearly $100 there, as he saw it as something special, ie if I have coffee with him that is fine, on my own it isn't! Hmmmm

Roo seems very worried at the moment. He is very clingy, needs constant reassurance, lots of mommy time- with blocks of course. He even said he wanted to give up gym so that he could be with the family more. We disagreed and I offered to stay with him for the sessions so he felt better. This is the first time I have seen him really affected by Ant's situation. Maybe it has to do with Caitlin going to the big school and leaving him alone!

Short thoughts on books.

I loved Murakami's books. After Dark was simply delightful, beautifully written ( and translated) with sympathetic characters in an unusual environment. Kafka on the Shore was completely addictive, totally surreal and yet everything made sense. No matter how weird the events became, the characters remained true and thoughtful. I loved the way the story of the two main characters came together, merging the two journeys at a single point. I also loved the fact that the characters also took everything at face value, even the truck driver ( sorry no good with japanese names) who watched and participated in the weirdness from a slight distance.

Currently reading "New Moon'. Twilight was lovely and I am surprised by how well it was adapted for the screen. Not sure where the next one is going. Doesn't matter really as it is a light read, a rest from the more complicated novels I have read of late!