Sunday, April 30, 2006

Head alert!

It's been a reasonable week, all in all. I tried lowering my depakote by one pill, but felt so stressed by the middle of the afternoon that I had to take another one.

I've been buzzing this week, school has been particularly good. I have felt very involved, especially with the arrangements for interviewing the new head. It was really funny when the Deputy Head couldn't work out the timetable but three women managed on their own to come up with three identical ones. Men huh!

We managed to get some articles onto the Elleray blog too, all about our pond dipping expedition. I've never seen the children so animated about getting their ideas on computer.

I am feeling so fat and unfit at the moment. Even when I go to the gym or for a run, and especially when I play tennis, I just feel incapable. I have joined the club that Chris is a member of. I'm hoping that I can persuade hubby to have the odd game with me but frankly he'll wipe me off the court! We're not spending too much time together at the moment. We had been trying to go climbing and for the odd walk but it's tailed off. I even gave up going to yoga so we had more time together but we now seem to have less time. And trying to organise it so I can get to tennis is even worse. No wonder I'm feeling stressed.

Chelsea won the premiership at last, beating Man U 3-0. It was a beautiful game as well. I must go and check ebay to see if Mourinho' medal is up. I wouldn't part with it but hubby thinks otherwise.

Must try to sleep