Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tricky little buggers!

The bane of a teacher's ( and a parent's ) life have reared their ugly head in our house. NITS!!!

I took the kids for a pre-school haircut only for the hairdresser to say "No way" to Caitlin. One swipe with the comb revealed an infestation including all sorts of shapes and sizes of louse and live eggs. I sat in the hairdressers waiting for Roo ( who as usual was completely clear) picking out tiny bugs with my nails and cracking them, listening to them pop.

Where do they come from? What is their purpose? which was the first bug who decided that human hair, and children's hair in particular was the perfect place to exist? My school is regularly infested with them. They just keep coming.

I hadn't combed C's hair properly for a while so heavens knows where they came from, or how long she'd had them but after a swift shampoo with 'healthy hair ' drops from Chawtons , a major conditioning and then copious combings with nit combs, neither of us have them anymore. I had one but I think that came from when I cuddled C to console her after her humiliation. And anyway I won't do anything to the kids that I wouldn't do myself.

And if you want kamikaze nits, look up Healthy hair drops. You can then pick the nits out of the sink!