Saturday, June 06, 2009

Having a bad day, hence the update

Anton has bought a time capsule for his mac as he thought he had lost his computer and all its work a few weeks ago. As a result of trying to install it, he has f&*ked up the settings on my mac so I can't get on the Internet at home. So I am sitting on the floor outside room 17 at Laingholm, with the kids walking the dog round the field, surfing using the school internet. Subsequently I am not able to go on Facebook to update anything. It is blocked at school!

So a quick update on life in NZ

Roo has made the gym team for the second year running! He is more impressed by the fact he has finished Age of Mythology however! The whole family is impressed with the first piece of news. He has finished the cue cards for his presentation at school too. He is a bright little cookie and I am very very proud of him. Oh he gives good cuddles too!


has unofficially earned her kauri award, which is exceptionally rare ( like never ever done before by a year 7 in the first half of the year). I had a long conversation with her head teacher at book day yesterday who was impressed by her competitive spirit and determination. He is sure she WILL be going to Korea next year!

went to character day as Hercules Poirot- pictures to follow with an internet connection at home! And got a yellow star.

is working on Trash to Flash ( in my sewing room with some friends today... must go and clear the floor!)

Is hormonal but we don't like to talk about it!

Is going to present her Suffragette video to a group of teachers ( and get a green star for her trouble)

Is dragging members of the family to another weeding day ( dad's turn) for half a green star- can you see a pattern emerging here?

Went on a trip to Tree Adventures and challenged herself 20 metres up in the air( and so did her mum!)

I am sure there is lots more but my fingers are getting tired..


is pfaffing with the computers and Jo is about to kill him if her computer doesn't start to work soon

Is working for the Dept of Corrections as a consultant on three times the pay of his last job

is still at Serenity which is reopenning soon

is working with Simon on editing and designing books ( Simon is a graphic designer)

is thinking of investing in property with some other friends

Jo is not having a good day.

Sewing is going well but can't upload pictures coz of the internet ( though I might be able to put some of the pictures on here)

Has applied for a job at Woodlands Park school ( but they want Maths and Music and I offered them IT and Science and Soft Materials)

was asked by the head of BBI to put her name on the relief list.

Is being hormonal too

Has been running well in the 10kms and is thinking of doing the half marathon in July (In my opinion she is incredible.From Caitlin)

Loves her kids to bits

Needs to blog when she is feeling better!

It's been a busy week and everyone is suffering I think. Hopefully photos to follow