Friday, March 06, 2009

Perfume, the movie

OK I know I said I wasn't going to watch it, but on advisement I decided to give it a chance ( Thanks Andy)

I was very pleasantly surprised. I still think that Grenouille should be more grotesque but the lead actor was still incredibly disturbing. You could almost sense his detachment from the world.

The film was beautifully lit. The light shining in Grenouille's eyes was wonderful and a superb tool to show how he was able to hide. It was interesting, too, to see such a faithful adaptation of the book. In fact Anton has wondered where he can get extras work like that!!!!

The lesser roles were just as powerful. I loved Dustin Hoffman as the perfumier, once I had got over the fact that it was him, and Alan Rickman was perfect as Richis. And as usual the juxtaposition of tragedy and comedy was just right ( a cliche from A level English days) especially when each of his employers comes to a sticky end.

I should not be so fast to reject modern cinema. I have felt myself dumbing down lately though this has now been tempered by cryptic crosswords and listening to Woman's hour. My next home cinematic experience is the Pianist. Anton couldn't understand why I hadn't seen it until I explained this wasn't the PIANO, but the PIANIST!

Watch this space