Friday, September 04, 2009

Same post as on the family blog

WARNING> This post appears on the family blog. I have not gone mad ( yet) though Spring is proving very very difficult. I know some people read both blogs- sorry. I know some people only read this one. In which case, please do read between the lines, yes I have been feeling awful and no it hasn't stopped yet. Still feeling very negative but totally aware of feeling this way which makes it worse. When someone says anything I see it as a criticism of me. All that comes into my head are negative comments bout me and other people. Deep down I have been trying to stay away from people to limit damage but I am not sure it is working... WELL YOU WERE WARNED

I have not had a terribly good time of it lately, moodwise, so the blog gets rather neglected. Ihave tried to update a few times but then Blogger has been annoying so no joy. Here is the post I was supposed to post last weekend!

Wow! Am I glad this week is over! I didn't intend for it to be so full on but..

Saturday went to Cirque du Soleil performing Dralion which was AMAZING! Sort of beyond describing really. There are no superlatives worthy of being mentioned in the same country as the performers- just WOW!

Mind you I knew my head was off as by the end of the second half I was having trouble concentrating, almost as though I wasn't physically there. Sounds odd but then that is the week I have had ( and am still having)

Sunday Ant went off to do some advert or other, I was up all night with an upset stomach ( not mine!) and then we went to play community netball in Parau. As expected the primary age kids ran rings round us adults but it was a good laugh.

Monday- final netball coaching with a bunch of ungrateful pre teens. I wish I hadn't bothered making cookies and cake. AH well know better for next year

Tuesday- Oh god. Interview time for the Japan/ Korea trip. Of course Caitlin though it went badly. How was she to know that sign language is different the world over? The OK sign here means do you have a boyfriend? I think in Korea!

Results of that on Monday 31st

Tuesday was also the first performance of the Bay Music festival. BBI and assorted local primaries got together and sang, lots. C was stressed as the rock band trio were soloists in their school's individual item. They were , of course, fab.

Wednesday also saw a performance of the Bay Festival, oh and the table tennis team trials, which C had been pestering Mr Hill ( one of the Korea interviewing panel) about. Needless to say, she made the team beating a couple of year 8's 12-10 and 11-2

Wednesday was also the day I took the car to have its cam belt done, spent the day racing from Henderson to BBI to New Lynn and back to Henderson all in the search for photo frames of a particular size!

Thursday- the day of the mental meltdown. Managed to leave my camera in the loan car which started it all.

Friday- takes a breath! Barbara sent me the 'Secret life of bees' and I sat on the beach reading in the sun, then picked up my camera when I did the school run.

So then this week was fairly uneventful by comparison...

Not only did Caitlin get chosen to go on the Korea trip, but so did her mates Ruby and Claudia, from Laingholm. We are mighty proud. I was so convinced she would do it that I had already bought the Korean phrase book the morning before she heard!

Today we hear that she has achieved her bronze kauri award for receiving two red, green, blue and yellow stars ( and two extras). This is a BIG deal for a year 7. Most year 8's are hoping to get theirs before they leave!

I had to take the car in again as there was an oil leak, which they admitted was their fault- an improvement on the last time I too it in and they charged us twice.

Anton is feeling flush as our tax bill is relatively small so he is arranging to get the kitchen sorted ( new benchtop, cooker, floor), the gutters fixed, the drive done and who knows what else. He has just got his computer updated- new hard drive, ram and battery and is taking us to Rotorua for the weekend. I think this is as a direct response to a mate taking his wife to Hawaii for her 40th birthday. CARPE DIEM!!!!

Reuben has finished his latest wall chart and is very very proud of it, oh and is still rehearsing hard for the semi final of Idol on Monday

And did you ever think you would see this...

Isn't he gorgeous in his new hat?