Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just discovered the website WWW.WORDLE.NET which takes a piece of text and displays it according to the number of times you use different words in it. I have just tried my last but one posting, about how being 40 sucks. Lots of middling words seemed to come out strongly- maybe, possibly- is this a good thing?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not quite right yet

My challenge this week has been to add photos to the family blog and this one. Whilst I don't have the headers quite right yet, I am pleased with the results. The photo of the roller coaster is so cool I had to use it.

It has been a hard week since Anton's hospitalistion. I am still very worried about him, and the fact there is no diagnosis yet. The homeopath has given us injections of some remedy which I have to give him in the neck- so I am officially a pain in the neck! He has waves where he feels better but they never last for long and I am dreading the psychological issues that came with the last bout if this is Lyme.

I clung to some purpose yesterday, helping Elaine to do her Maths ( Gloss) testing. 4 hours and 12 kids down, only 16 to go! I felt I needed to leave Anton alone otherwise I would feel trapped. Even though I have been at home this past week I feel I have achieved very little. I still have curtains to make, and some painting to do and Idol costumes to perfect but relaxing on the sofa is nicer and less stressing for my OH.

Gave up on the Perfect Spy.It was far too long. The Arsonist's guide is really engaging and so far I have real sympathy for the main character. Hopefully this will last or my faith in my judgement will be sorely dented.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Being 40 sucks!

I haven't officially had a 40th birthday. I had a lovely 1920's cocktail party with 5 course meal all prepared by Anton...except for the cheese board of course.

Next morning, my actual birthday , Ant collapses with a suspected heart attack/angina/ who knows. Two days in hospital do not a celebration make. Lyme disease is most likely and he is currently undergoing any treatment he can find. Antibiotics, homeopathic, anthroposophic, herbal. Hm maybe the mixture is not a good thing.

I am coping but I am so aware of what happened the first time he suffered like this. I don't feel I can leave him alone for any length of time in case he has a panic attack or a relapse. Remembering him phoning me at Maria's will stay with me for a very very long time. I feel as though I want to cry, through helplessness mostly but possibly for very selfish reasons. I am having to shelve many of my activities to look after him, so I guess I feel I am missing out. Throwing my energies into keeping the house tidy doesn't seem to have helped. Maybe a good night's sleep will help.

On the book front, didn't really get 'Crash'. Not sure what I was expecting, possibly another Empire of the Sun but it so wasn't. Stuck with it to the end as it made compelling reading but can't say I enjoyed it. Ticked off another one of the 1000 though.

I have a few books cluttering up the bedside table. Am going through the 'not being able to focus on reading' phase so finding it a struggle. Trying to read 'the Perfect Spy' but may go for something shorter.

Hey ho. In NZ years I am officially only TWO (thanks Debs). I think I'll stick there