Thursday, December 17, 2009

And so as not to be outdone

Firstly here are the photos from Reuben's successful night. Here he is winning second place in the Basic Facts championship- behind Felix, the big kid!

And here is Reuben getting runner up in the Best Allrounder in the universe ever award!

Next year we are thinking of ringlets and a waistcoat!

So, then, yesterday, Reuben was off doing an TVC= television commeracial for NZ RU ) rugby union- (yes lots of lovely rugby players!) at exactly the same time as Caitlin was having her prizegiving. I managed to drop him and dash to her school.

I missed her getting her termly red star. She now has eight which is enough for a gold kauri already. She also got one for hard materials!

Miss W had come along, just in case I couldn't get there, so that C had a support team, and if she hadn't got anything, a shoulder to cry on!

Shouldn't have worried should I?

When I was there, they announced the top sports people of the year and Morgan, her mate, took the year 7 girl prize.
Then they announced the academic prizes... Year seven girls... Caitlin Ashcroft. Just as well Elaine had tissues with her. My heart really can't take this.

I can't work out though why I am surprised, but I always am. I know my kids are amazing and kind and generous and clever but they still surprise me.

Here's the trophy, already engraved ( which is a nice touch). She also has a little trophy to keep!

My kids both have very bright eyes tonight!

Boy, do I love them!