Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Carpe diem

Since we lost Vron, it has become more important to 'seize the day'. Everytime I see Mark he says 'make sure you do it, whatever it is because you might not get the chance'. We seem to be doing that a lot lately.

Today we tried paragliding, or rather we tried and I failed. I have to say I much prefer skydiving. There is no time to think when you are charging down a hill, covered in rabbit holes, gorse and thistles, with a heavy pack on your back and a parachute which is trying to rip your back off. Skydiving is so much more intense. There is more of an adrenalin rush and then there is peace.

I did get chance for a short tandem glide because I was the heaviest and Gordi the instructor woudn't risk taking a lighter person in gusty conditions. As it was the ride was short because it suddenly became dangerous when the wind picked up. You know to start worrying when the instructor says ' I'm going to have to concentrate now because...'!

Meanwhile the kids were fantastic. They sat on a gusty mountain ( cumbrian hill) playing together, making up games, practising circus skills, throwing balls for the friendly collie. They didn't moan, gripe, complain or anything. They just waited patiently. I am so proud of them. We took them to the Puzzle museum as a treat. It's such a fabulous place full of holograms, optical illusions and weird stuff. A picture will follow when I have got the lead for Ant's camera.

God I am proud of my children. I've spent so much time with other people's children and my kids are fab! That probably sounds really big headed but they have been so thoughtful, so kind, so beautiful!