Monday, May 01, 2006

Oh so tired

Today seemed very difficult like I was running to catch up and always behind. I knew I had to get to Asda and wanted to do something with the kids, being a Bank Holiday and all, but I had to include a plasterer and a husband into the equation. I also wanted to take mum for a drive in my hire car ( she loved it, even though dad was in the car too)

M and D had had a bit of a falling out about his drugs, whether he took them or not. She apparantly ranted at him but frankly I couldn't put up with him. We have to remember that she needs to get out of the house occasionally. She is much younger than him (86 and 68) and he is becoming very feeble. She has to have a life too. She'sgoing to Weight Watchers with Jacce again so that should help!

The children and I went to the Wildlife Oasis. Roo wanted to go to Blackpool but there just wasn't time. We had a lovely time. I love the ants, the chameleons, the rats ( especially the rats!! and their babies), the fossa and their offspring... It's only a tiny zoo but so quaint!

I went to play tennis tonight and again had a good craic. Denise seems to take everything very seriously ( shy?) but Heather. Chris and Howard were good fun. It took me a good three games to get my act together. Before that I was pants!!!

I found a picture of myself online last night, part of the Hawkshead set. God I looked fat! I had a baggy fleece on and my running tights and I looked awful. It has spurred me into action though I feel slightly spaced> I need to get fitter and lose a bit of weight so I can move more efficiently.

I need to amke sure I drink more water coz my joints are feeling very stiff and sore. My hip hasn't been right since I went 'rollerblading' with Caitlin. I use the term lightly. I think I may have to take cod liver oil or something, must look that up!

I've reduced the depakote to two so it will be interesting to see if I get withdrawals. I already feel odd. Watch this space!