Monday, June 05, 2006

A baptism of fire

I played my first ever proper tennis match tonight.

I was shite. I had so many nerves and couldn't string any shots together!

At least I didn't get upset so I suppose that's a major step forward.


Holidays are all very well but the unpacking is a nightmare. Hubby didn't do any clearing up yesterday when I was off doing the results for the Garburn race. So there is sand everywhere, tonnes of washing to do, stuff all over the place and myhead slightly offthe lines.

That may have something to do with second child not being able to find his reading book this morning...I should know by now that it will be in school. I have got so much work to do, I've not started my reports yet (!) and if the house isn't just so I can't settle to do them.

Ah well the holiday was nice whilst it lasted!

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