Thursday, December 17, 2009

And so as not to be outdone

Firstly here are the photos from Reuben's successful night. Here he is winning second place in the Basic Facts championship- behind Felix, the big kid!

And here is Reuben getting runner up in the Best Allrounder in the universe ever award!

Next year we are thinking of ringlets and a waistcoat!

So, then, yesterday, Reuben was off doing an TVC= television commeracial for NZ RU ) rugby union- (yes lots of lovely rugby players!) at exactly the same time as Caitlin was having her prizegiving. I managed to drop him and dash to her school.

I missed her getting her termly red star. She now has eight which is enough for a gold kauri already. She also got one for hard materials!

Miss W had come along, just in case I couldn't get there, so that C had a support team, and if she hadn't got anything, a shoulder to cry on!

Shouldn't have worried should I?

When I was there, they announced the top sports people of the year and Morgan, her mate, took the year 7 girl prize.
Then they announced the academic prizes... Year seven girls... Caitlin Ashcroft. Just as well Elaine had tissues with her. My heart really can't take this.

I can't work out though why I am surprised, but I always am. I know my kids are amazing and kind and generous and clever but they still surprise me.

Here's the trophy, already engraved ( which is a nice touch). She also has a little trophy to keep!

My kids both have very bright eyes tonight!

Boy, do I love them!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Out of the shadows

Laingholm school has said good bye to Paul Heff in an emotional week. 16 years as a head teacher is a LONNNGGGGG time.

He is so inspirational. His parting words to Reuben were "You had better be top boy next year!"

We were a stunned family at Prize giving the night before. Roo had been nominated but we had no idea what for. He collected his distinctions in the Australasian exams in Maths and Writing, and was awarded 2nd place in the Basic facts championship! That was it we thought, after awards like 'role model' came and went! The last award of the evening had been discussed at length. Who would be 'All round student of the year'? It always goes to a year six! It usually goes to a sportsman who happens to work hard... Well Rowan came third. We had worked out he was in the running.

But then the shock. Paul read out "Reuben"... Ah Reuben Mita we thought. Yes that's good coz he's such a good writer!

BUT NO! "Reuben... ASHCROFT!" said Paul. Some mistake surely! Roo is only a year 5! Oh my god! My boy!

And sure enough, Ruben Mita did get the actual award- but my little Reuben is officially the second best boy in the ENTIRE SCHOOL!!!

Finally he has stepped out of the shadow of his overachieving sister! His school report suggests he still has a way to go, opening up in class more and eveloping into the leader we all know he can be, but...

We are so proud of him. He is so proud of himself!

What a way to end the year!

And now he is off to be an extra in a feature film, starring a famous cartoon bear!

He will be famous one day, my boy