Sunday, July 15, 2012


I am not sure of it is the new meds, the school holidays or general lethargy brought on by the bloody cold winter here (even though it is probably warmer than it is in the UK right now!) but the brain has been doing interesting things of late.

1. That moment when you open the fridge and can't remember what you went for and then realise it is a glass from the cupboard next to the fridge

2. That moment when you open the cupboard next to the fridge only to realise you need the dog food from the fridge

3. Forgetting to buy toilet rolls from the supermarket four times on the trot!

4. Forgetting to take either the morning meds or the evening meds and only realising 12 hours later

5. Reaching for a word and finding something close- the kids are enjoying that guessing game! Dishwasher=fridge, microwave=larder, fridge=oven etc. Oh and bathroom =laundry (They are enjoying that one "Can you put your dirty washing in the bathroom?" "Sure mom!"

6. Not caring about my weight loss routine. For about two weeks it has not been an issue. A sort of 'what does it matter? I'm ok as I am' sort of thing, even though I know I WANT to lose a bit more to give myself a a a a safety zone (had to reach for that and it's still not right) or buffer zone, that's better! I think I am back on track but only just. Still got a bit of a way to go on that one to  know that I am secure in the process.

7. Staying up ALL night to watch a Scots man lose to a Swiss dude playing a strange sport with balls and things on sticks. Oh no wait, that wasn't the meds, the whole family did that, and yes I cried when Andy cried, bless him, he tried so hard. He's my hero.

So I am hoping that all the forgetfulness will pass and I will feel more in control of my brain. I can safely say I am calmer, more relaxed and freer than I have been for a while (well at least the family say that!)

Long may that last!