Wednesday, October 21, 2009

After minor meltdown...

So I continue my week of blogging successfully...
Usually I only blog when I am in a certain mood... and this week seems no different. Since lunchtime I have felt flushed and I have been eating continuously- not good with weigh in tomorrow. I was headed for a free Weightwatchers meeting Ah well!

Played tennis with hubby this a.m., in spite of the fact I desperately wanted to craft.  Had my arm twisted. Played reasonably well considering my arm was hurting ( not because it was twisted but because the dog pulls and I think I have strained something), placed the ball nicely and didn't run much, unlike hubby!

So up till lunchtime, life was good.

I did manage to make a cuff but took three goes to get the elastic in. Kept putting the loop in the wrong place in the fabric sandwich.
Started to make a new hug but again things were not going well. I think she'll be OK but will not get finished till tomorrow. Discovered that so far my hugs are all left handed. Not sure what that means, though Roo is a lefty!

After school, watched Roo's t ball practice and then helped Caitlin with her homework. Who else would decide to do a character study, six adjectives and their associated quotes on a pair of jeans- I mean physically on a pair of jeans. The adjectives are on the pockets and the quotes inside. Well it is about Carmen from the Travelling Pants so I suppose it works... and I did get her to embroider most of it herself- I will put a photo on so I don't sound completely mad, at some point.

Meltdown was over a missing CD case. Trivial as usual, but desperately overwhelming. As usual everything became global, as everything would. The house was a tip, my room was a mess, i can't find ANYTHING!!!! Why do people in this house not help? If I want to do more creative stuff then how will I cope with the house? I can't cope with anything etc etc etc. Anyway you get the picture.Luckily I am OK now. Case found, though only after the gazebo was taken back to Debs and I could get into the back of the car.

It has been cathartic writing tonight, like I can put to rest the trauma. As a result of the adrenalin produced, the stack of rubbish is no longer in the hall, there are no longer excessive numbers of cups and plates around the place and the clean washing is at least in the rooms it belongs in, if not exactly put away.

Strangely I still think I am doing the right thing with the meds. I had registered earlier that something was coming and the disc case was merely the final trigger. It could have been anything.

Today's gratitude-
1. Playing tennis with Ant
2. Playing tennis well
3. Paddling in the sea at Armour Bay
4. Molly bounding through the waves
5. Making a cuff- finally
6. Watching 'Closer' all the way through- is it a bad thing to fancy "Larry"? Clive Owen is gorgeous but this character is so sleazy, yet somehow honest... hm?
7. Beginning a hug
8. Ant got the returning visitors' visas at last
9. Getting a new fridge- should I worry that he is spending a lot of money?
10. My kids
11. Roo reciting lines from the book he is reading- unfortunately it's Cows in Action
12. Caitlin sewing
13. The kids understanding that I was 'Off' and backing away to keep safe
14. Molly and Teddy knowing that I need a 'hug'
15. Reuben's hair
16. Getting post 'The book of pages' and 'Healthy Hair treatment' from Chawtons
17. Making lighter than air banana bread
18. writing down the train of thought and being aware of how I was thinking earlier.
19. The sun shining
20. Elaine telling me I looked fabulous and thin!!!!!
21. Getting nice email from Trish
22. Being able to give Danni a lift when her car broke
23. ...

I think i can stop now even though there are doubtless other things. I really need to go and turn the iron off!!!! Don't want to burn the house down. That would go against the mood I am trying to be in!