Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another 'meh' day

Forced myself to do stuff today- mostly housewifey things, shopping, making a couple of cakes, washing, ironing, picking up kids. Thankfully the Game of Thrones series one commentaries kept me company!!!

Feeling so low, dull and lacking any incentive to do just about anything interesting. I need to plan my lessons for next week ( and indeed the term) but just can't be bothered. This is not going to help the adrenalin hit I will doubtless take next week when I have to know what I am doing!

Didn't even exercise today. I claim I am too tired. Caitlin had a disturbed night stressing about teacher expectations and a physics test. She woke me at 1am and it probably took an hour to calm her down. ANd here was me thinking sleepless nights were a thing of the past (babies and toddlers maybe, not 14 year olds). Just hoping this isn't a precursor to anything more sinister!

Tonight I will finish a swap piece I am doing, honest I will. Hopefully I will stay awake during Project Runway too.

I need this mood to lift. I have tried to push through it today but I feel so lacking in energy that it feels as though it will never pass.