Thursday, August 09, 2012


Things have conspired against me today. I have been losing weight recently and Thursday is weigh in day. The problem however is that I don't eat till after weigh in and I often feel odd when I don't eat early in the morning. Today was such a day.

Hubby decided he wanted to meet me for coffee, so I said I would not stay to the meeting and text him to say I was on my way, which I did. But then he pfaffed. He was ringing the garage,they weren't answering, he tried again, then let's meet in one place then another and then, he hadn't even left. It finally got to 11am before I had coffee and something to eat. I think this had a bad effect on my head. There were tears, he picked me up on everything I didn't say quite right. I wanted to kick him...HARD!! Thankfully he has gone to bed so I can chill! But the day has gone.

I keep making excuses; I'm tired, I'm no 100% well, I have stayed up late watching the Olympics, I was up at 3am with something stuck in my throat (or so it felt)

I have reacted to things today. It annoyed me that a friend accused me of not transferring some money to her account when I had ( did she think I was the sort of person who wouldn't?); another friend is suggesting we dress up as geriatric superheroes for a quiz because we could do grey hair and walking sticks...

BUT I have grey hair and I'm not geriatric. Today I have felt very sensitive about it. I choose to have grey hair. I have been grey since I was 18 and I dyed it for years. THIS is me, it is my hair, my colour, it suits me and why should I hide it? I know hubby thinks I am being stupid but my self image today is not great and that was the last straw.

I think maybe I need to get my book and curl up on the sofa. Hubby is up early doing extras work so I may decide to sleep elsewhere.

Tomorrow is another day, I guess!