Monday, July 30, 2007


So spent the night in the basement after watching 'In her Shoes', a good ole girly movie, sewing sky and eventually reading a bit more of 'the Memory Keeper's daughter". I wasn't hyper or spaced I just wanted some space to spread out. I think I wrote that already.

It has generally been a successful day. Met Suze for coffee and a brief shop, took the kids to the library which they accepted without a murmer ( all the more book tokens for me to spend on me then), did the dentists with C ( without tears), played tennis in the park and then went to watch Transformers. What a pile of @$£*! Its target audience must be 8 year old boys coz Roo loved it whilst the rest of us were either bored to tears or suffering from a major migraine as a result of the speed. I really wanted to see all the detail of the transformations but the whole thing went by in a blur. It's rather odd feeling empathy for a robotic car though.

C is starting to be a little cruel to her little brother. May have to watch that. There is a fine line between gentle ribbing and upsetting him. I know she is only trying out a new way of communicating but she doesn't have the panache yet.

Ant is back on his meds again, so is difficult to please. He always wants us to go to the courts to play tennis whilst I want to knock about in the park. It always has to be 'done properly'. I just want the kids to have fun and learn a few skills along the way. Why should we have to drive to have fun? I especially want them to be able to have fun on their own together, without us and how will they practice that if we have to chauffeur them to activities.

EPILOGUE: Having read back I am aware of the use of the word 'always'. This could be a sign of a meltdown to come. I do tend to have global thoughts adn I have tried very hard to not use that word too many times. I have said before there is a kernal of truth in the midst of the global statement...