Friday, May 05, 2006

Mania and exhaustion

So the new dosage hasn't kicked in! Wednesday I was so hyper. I worked from morning till night, clearing out the shed, going to the tip with the pee ridden carpet ( thanks cats), buying paint, washing, ironing, trying to think of what I was going to teach tomorrow. I was annoyed that i had to sit and watch the kids paddling in the river.I still felt I had so much to do. I managed to cook tea, gorgous curry but then wanted to carry on. Listened to the kids read ( Dr Who books are a tad tedious) and finally flaked in time for the "Apprentice". And I predicted the outcome...who says Anton was the better recruitment bod. I reckon I could hire really well!

Trouble with the mania is the depression that comes after it. I was so emotional the next day. Our maintenance man upset me, though he is a jerk. All over whether the computer room benches actually needed extra legs. He was warned not to mess with me! Then Bea was aggressive ( she'd put non rechargables in the recharger and they nearly exploded) which made me feel worse and no one could understand why I was so upset. Those who do know about my condition just knew to leave me alone.

Today I just feel angry. The children eventually worked well but couldn't sort out their stuff for themselves. I'm sure they all get pandered to at home, probably dressed by their parents. AND THEY ARE NINE!!!!! Four of them are leaving at the end of the year and frankly they've already left. I felt so angry and so strict, not to mention shouty. And that's not me.

Kids are going to stay with Granny tomorrow for a couple of days so we have an afternoon together. Shame School's Open Day is going to monopolise the morning. It'll be chaos...a circus based theme, my circus skills group are sooooo not organised...not enough warning, who knows who will turn up, prospective heads or new parents or old parents. Who do we concentrate on? Who do we talk to most ?

WHO KNOWS? At least I've found all the candidates now. Google is a wonderful invention. 10 minutes and I'd found all but the one who works in Chile!!!! I think the Governors were impressed. Hope so!