Monday, January 02, 2006

Day two

There is something magical about having kids. They stop you having to fret all the time about jobs you haven't done, like the ironing!. Mine decided to have an arts and crafts day and to draw up a list of the things they wanted to do besides.
Caitlin is making a cardboard handbag, don't ask me why, whilst Roo is making a car- a boy thing. Lots of papier Mache and glue! Pictures will follow!

I have still managed to clear out the rats, hoover, put some clothes away, make two meals and still have time to blog. My mind seems clearer and I'm not so tempted to run away with my thoughts which is also good but I desperately need to exercise. That will have to wait till after the kids are at school!

Kids are a fabulous excuse to ignore all responsibilities until you fancy facing them!