Sunday, April 23, 2006

Up and running

And now a bizarre turn around of events!

Having run with Maria, and walked with her family, last Monday I felt down yet slightly more confident about this weekend's run.
The few days at school were fairly uneventful. Lessons seemed to go well; most children were on task( except those that I later found out are leaving at the end of the year).

I awoke on Saturday, alone. Ant was in the basement having got back very late, or should that read early in the morning. There was no milk for cereal so bagel it was ( same as I ate when I ran the marathon, strangely). What I needed was caffeine but couldn't face a coffee that early so I grabbed a few pounds and hoped for the best.

I love driving over to an event. There is a hopefulness, an expectation about it, especially if the weather is good. (cloudy is good).

Claire and ~Graham were their usual organised selves. Claire looks great after her trauma. Must make a mental note to do a sponsored event for neo natal/prem babies. Hawkshead was teeming with people. It was all so friendly and welcoming.

Only flaw was the catering.£1 for a coffee! Anyway, caffeine and sugar did the trick. I like to have caffeine before a run. I read somewhere that it helps with distances as it helps the body to use fat for energy, rather than building up the lactic acid thing. If it's a comfort blanket it works.

The run was gruelling but great fun. There were three hills, which I ran up the majority of. There was one guy who religiously walked up every hill and ran everything else. He was so impressive and beat me. I really enjoyed watching some of the good hill runners carefully picking their way up the inclines. Good job I could beat them on the downs and the flats. I loved them! Came in at 2.02, gives me something to aim at for next year!! Definitely going to do it again, unless the Marathon bug hits me! I also ended up sprinting round the junior race with little Jess to encourage her... not that she needed any encouragement!! She was a star! Shame we didn't get more children along from school, but then I can talk; my kids weren't there!

I may have spent most of the afternoon dozing but it felt really wonderful to be out and running in the open air. Either that has improved my mood or the drugs have finally kicked in. had a bit of a downer when Chelsea lost the FA cup semi final but frankly they played like school boys. The free kick that gave Liverpool the lead was a travesty but Mourenio got his strategy all wrong!

I need to think seriously about running in next week's Keswick half marathon. I really enjoyed last year's but hadn't given much thought to this year, but as I don't feel too stiff itoday it might be worth a try. If only to keep me running and seemingly happier....Watch this space!