Monday, August 27, 2012


The whole family is sick! First one kid got the lurgy and recovered. Then the second kid got it. Then I got it. Then we went away to Ohakune so they could ski and I could chill. I was ill and then hubby got it. I can tell you, driving 4.5 hours home was not fun, when I was suffering, but it was better than watching him driving with his eyes streaming and nose running.

He is of course in bed now with man flu! The kids are at school though child one is leaving early! Child two is laid back and will cope!

We went away with some friends including a five year old (five going on 30 so she got on well with child one!). I find it difficult to be sociable for any length of time and this was no exception. I had however already said I wasn't skiing. I'd hit my head on a ski lift the last time I went  (in Sweden) and it has scared me so much (together with my fear of heights and speed and dislike of cold) that I leave that to Ant and the kids.

Thankfully I was left alone all Saturday. I walked 10k to Ohakune and back-not feeling well enough to run, drank coffee, ate badly, watched Dr Who and did cross stitch. Probably just as well as my one friend was winding me up so much I was threatening to lose it. Everything was wrong, everyone else was being unreasonable, everything was about her. Such a palaver! Some days I think I should say something, like 'grow up' and most days I bite my lip, send texts to hubby going Argghhh and watch her partner wind her up with a smile!

How can you stay miffed with a view like this one?
Ohakune, famous for its giant...
So now I face lots of washing, a tonne of ironing left from last week, a brain that still feels cloudy and a body that doesn't want to run. Sluggish doesn't cover it! I have lost the plot slightly on my weightwatchers journey so trying to regain control this week and really proving hard. Fingers crossed. At least I didn't succumb to a date scone on top of my cereal this morning.

I 'should' be working, planning my lessons for Wednesday, writing notes on my class for the Deputy to see how much they are benefitting from my input, but frankly I can't be......, there is tomorrow not touched!!! Well apart from going to my sewing class of course.

Right now lunch :-)