Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Twilight update

Having said that the Twilight series was a good introduction for young teenage girls to the challenge of romance, the fourth book has changed my mind somewhat. From chaste cuddles and stolen, breath taking kisses, the plot has developed into marriage, honeymoon and pregnancy ( with devil foetus) with some haste. Now the consummation is handled in a very vague fashion. Just like the old Mills and Boon epics of my youth, the door closes on the briefest of embraces, then our heroine wakes up to discover she is covered in bruises from the vampirical super strength of her husband.

I do approve of the fact that Bella, up until the pregnancy, was beginning to reconsider her desire to be a vampire and contemplating the human rites of passage she would miss if she changed. And I am enjoying the new narrative voice. LIstening to Jacob and his take on affairs is definitely preferable to the whimperings of Bella.